– Free Video Codecs And Software

AFreeCodec.comAFreeCodec is a great site that lets its visitors get all the audio and video codecs they might need. Exceptionally, not only does this site offer codecs for free but it also offers to buy official licenses.

You will be able to download numerous codecs and related tools for different operative systems like Windows, Linux and for different peripheries like handhelds or even consoles. Additionally, in case you are looking for something specific, the site includes a useful search tool that will let you scan the entire catalog and return the appropriate results within seconds. If a visitor has some trouble using the downloaded codecs or has any doubts, there is a support section and a forum in the site to solve all kinds of issues. The site is very well organized, which makes its navigation as simple as it can get. All the codecs are fully categorized with great detail, and thanks to that, the site’s visitors can browse in search of the ones they need without difficulties.