– Helping Vulnerable Kids stands for The Annie E.

Casey Foundation. This was founded in 1948 with the aim of helping vulnerable kids and their families. They have been working hard to protect children and foster them with the contribution of the community and public policies. On the main page of the web site there are diverse links, such as: major initiatives, child and family services, knowledge center, newsroom, etc. Some of their work includes: child welfare and permanence, economic security, education, health care, juvenile justice, etc. Within the education link there are diverse resources like: early childhood and school readiness, family and community involvement, policy reform, and school choice. Their major initiatives are Casey strategic consulting, civic sites, family economic success, juvenile detention alternatives initiative, leadership development, etc. If you require further information about their grants, leadership, management, or mission and history, check out their site. There are also job opportunities, in case you are interested.