– Harness The Power Of Personality

AdvisorTeam.comOne would normally assume that the world is either divided in dog and cat lovers, or in Beatles or Rolling Stones lovers, but if you are under the suspicion that it might be a rather simplistic approach or you are in an HR department, take a look at this site, where you’ll be able to find out about the Temperament Sorter II, an online suite which allows to generate a psychological personality profile for candidates for corporate, career or academic purposes. You can read about the theory that backs the system on the site, and read a description of how the test works, but not preview sample questions or watch a demo to see which features are available.

The site also lacks pricing information, which seems like a risky thing, especially taking into account that the product is marketed mainly for companies, and also for individuals, so the latter might be discouraged to find out fearing that it might be too expensive.