– Planetary Rhythms

Acumind.comSome people relieve only in what they see, some others believe in the cosmos energy. If you are among the latter, and you like astrology and numerology, you should check out this site.

At you will find lots of interesting information about planetary rhythms: horoscopes, hypnotherapy, and more. The site was co-founded by astrologer Pamela Leigh Powers and numerologist Joe Ivory. All the twelve signs and their predictions can be found at this site. Each sign has its description, a brief explanation on the planets and how they condition signs, and so on. Moreover, there is a link containing the year of the rat, as well as Chinese astrology. At the web site there are diverse sections, like: astrology in the soap coach, astrological monthly update, political profiles, astrological musings, etc. In addition, there are some famous people’s profiles and predictions, like, Britney Spears, Sara Taylor, Hillary Clinton, and more.