– Looking Deep Inside

Accessnewage.comAt you will find lots of different sources for you to begin you personal journey.

All the materials and resources they put at your disposal have all the same purpose: help you do an insight look and enjoy the wonder of creation. These resources are: zodiascope, moon tables, astrology, tarot, tarology, star gayzer, mysticism, and humor. Within this latter there are several links, such as: astrological bumper stickers, comparative religions, the creation by computer, interview with a rock star, number of the beats, occult humor, pagan humor, etc. The astrology section features the history of astrology, as well as natal astrology information. There are links containing astrology and the four elements, house division, planetary strength and cusps, etc. In addition, there is a whole section designated to personalities in which there are astrological profiles of cats, dogs, etc. And, of course, there are two sections with predictions and prognostication.