ABUS.com – Security Technology From Germany

ABUS.comFor domestic, commercial, and mobile security, ABUS.com is the site to check. The ABUS website is available in English, French, and German. It is the goal of ABUS to ensure their customers feel safe and secure whether at work, home or on the road. ABUS is named after its founders, August Bremicker und (and) Sohne KG. They started making padlocks in 1924 and they have been setting quality and durability standards ever since. ABUS has been family-owned for more than 80 years and both their corporate offices and their ABUS.com website are characterized by a Christian company structure.

With regards to home security, ABUS offers security technology solutions to protect the homes of customers from cellar to roof. They offer door cylinders, mechanical locks, and electronic security systems to help customers ensure that their homes and their families are protected. As ABUS.com reminds us, “Security is peace of mind.”

When it comes to corporate security, ABUS offers products to protect companies against both brute force and stealth attacks. Their security devices help ensure that equipment and files are protected against misuse and theft. More than just locking systems, ABUS.com features alarm systems, video surveillance and container locks. They also have a variety of window and door security products to help business leaders rest assured that their assets are protected.

For travel and leisure, ABUS.com sells mobile security devices. The company can protect bicycles, motorbikes, ATVs, Quads and boats. They also have padlocks and other security devices to help protect sporting equipment and luggage. ABUS.com also offers a u-lock for snowmobiles to help ensure that the property of customers is protected all year round. ABUS.com