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Aaronshep.comAaron Shepard is an award winning author who has written many stories, scripts and much more. In this site you can find free resources for teaches, librarians, storytellers, children’s authors, parents and kids.

Mainly anyone who enjoys reading can make good use of this website. In the Treat and Resources section you can find historical, fantasy, funny and scared stories as well as legends, magical tales, folktales and new tales for everyone. For those who would are into theatre, you can find in this site readers, stories and folktale on stage, which are three books that provide tips, play scripts and worksheets among others that will encourage and enhance your theatre experience. You can also find in this section a guide to storytelling, many quotes, recommended reading, articles and much more all related to the storytelling subject. For the ones who would like to start or know more about writing children’s book here you can find lots of resources for this as well. In fact, all that’s related to reading has its place here; therefore, all who are interested in this can find endless information in this resourceful site. Aaronshep.com