Aarda.org – American Autoimmune Related Diseases Ass.

Aarda.orgAuto immune related diseases are a group of diseases that cause a humans immune system to attack itself rather than defend it from the disease. These diseases include type one diabetes, Crohn’s disease, myositis, lupus and over eighty other differing conditions.

It is estimated that around twenty percent of the American population suffer from or will suffer from an autoimmunity at some point in there lives, that is a staggering number of fifty million people. Therefore it is in every ones best interests to learn more and become more aware about this group of illnesses and how they can effect there sufferers. There is one web site on the internet that you might consider taking a look at if you would like to learn more about this range of diseases and that is the home of the American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association and you can find them at there online address of www.aarda.org. Aarda.org