757Heroes.com – Heroes of War Apparel

757Heroes.comHeroesOfWar.com is an online clothing store that offers a variety of casual men’s wear.

The Heroes of War line was specifically designed to pay tribute to those who served the United States during a time of war as well as during those times of peace that we all often forget about. 757 Apparel has created this line with the mixed martial arts community in mind, as well as other disciplined persons who display a sense of commitment and demonstrate courage under pressure.

This online store was co-founded by a Special Ops veteran and that is why the clothing line offers some interesting insight into what goes on in war like situations, reflecting both an honorable and a darker side to combat and battle. The designs featured on the site provide a daily reminder of those men and women who have put their lives at risk in order to fight for freedom. This apparel is worn with pride by some of the top fighters on the east coast.

The Heroes of War clothing line is all printed using top of the line printing techniques as well as first-rate, pre-shrunk fabrics. The t-shirts provide an athletic fit and quality unmatched by similar designers.

Proceeds from Heroes of War support The Gregory R. Wright, Jr. Virginia Military Institute Scholarship Fund as well as “A Long Walk” with Rory Fanning in aid of the Pat Tillman Foundation.