579.com – Teen Clothes Stores

5.7.9. is a clothing store for teens and young women. It offers stylish items at affordable prices, and on this website you can check its full catalog. It’s basically split in five main sections: “Tops”, “Dresses”, “Bottoms”, “Shoes” and “Jackets”.

And there’s also an “Accessories” section where you can find items such as belts, hats, necklaces, earrings and bags.

All sections are built in a similar way, with a viewer that makes for swiftly browsing through items and comparing them.

And the site has also got a “Fun Stuff” section where you can download media such as wallpapers, and access the company’s own video channel (“Club 5.7.9.) and enjoy all the hits of the day.

Besides, 579.com features a handy store locator. By answering the question of “How long do you like to go?” and furnishing your ZIP area code, you’ll be pointed to the nearest 5.7.9. store.

The site also lets you buy gift cards for you friends, and if you’re a student then you must know that you’re eligible for a special discount if you produce your student ID at the time of your purchase: By doing that, then you’ll get 10% off anything you’re buying. This discount applies to all products and items, except gift cards.