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1st-place.comThis site is home of several software services developed and brought to you by First Team Technology. 1st-place.

com is on the internet to promote three main products: 1st Place ILS, an internet multiple listing system; My Place, a desktop listing system; and Pocket Place, a portable electronic listing book. These services have been provided to numerous associations throughout the United States for over 10 years. 1st Team Technology has developed a number of innovative internet technology-based software applications which provide easy to use, reliable, cost effective solutions for organizations that require access to interactive, image-rich databases via the Internet, locally on the desktop, or via PDA and handheld computers. Through this site you’ll access relevant information about this company and the products it offers, including a whole description of features, product’s reviews, how-to instructions, and press releases. However, online purchasing is not available; if you want to buy any of these products, you have to contact 1st Team via email. 1st-place.com