How To Boost Productivity While Remotely Building Your Startup

How To Boost Productivity While Remotely Building Your Startup
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As an entrepreneur in today’s modern marketplace, it’s important to pinpoint what makes you jump up and feel energized every morning. In other words, what gets you vaulting out of bed and ready to rock-and-roll?

In many ways, today’s entrepreneurs are finding that working from home offers several distinct advantages over a traditional brick-and-mortar location. Listed below are some suggestions as to how you can best use this unique time to boost your productivity while working remotely to get your startup off the ground.

1. Find or rekindle your sense of purpose.

Experts agree that all meaningful work originates from the inner person. We like to imagine that a happy and successful entrepreneur is making plenty of money, securing investors and retailers for their product or service, and enjoying enhanced status. However, the fact remains that a consistently happy disposition also tends to work its way from the inside out.

Many career experts often speak about this as the pursuit of finding meaningful work. The spin may vary but the overall idea normally includes words such as engagement, intrinsic motivation, empowerment, and sense of purpose.

Perhaps the simplest way to think about this is also explored by the best-selling author, Simon Sinek. Sinek’s system starts with exploring your “why” and weaving that reasoning into everyday life from the inside out. Sinek believes that once you find your “why,” you’ll have access to unstoppable energy.

2. Expand your creativity.

Of course, what works well for one entrepreneur may not work at all for another. You are unique. This is one reason why so many people turn to personal creativity when looking for answers to the question of inner motivation. When you’re working at home, you’re faced with one question time and again. Namely, how do you stay creative, productive, and ready for creating exceptional work without outside motivation?

This is the exact place where generalized answers just don’t cut it. Instead, you have to explore how you’re wired. The goal is to open up the flow of your one-of-a-kind brand of creativity as you labor tirelessly away on your startup.

Perhaps you’re a visual learner and creator. Plenty of entrepreneurs are visual thinkers. If so, you’ll often find new ideas by doodling, drawing, or taking photographs. If no cocktail napkin is safe from your note-taking, this is one sure clue!

It’s also possible that you’re more of an auditory learner and creator. If that’s the case, you might find yourself inspired by music, listening to podcasts, or playing an instrument.

Alternatively, you might tap into your creativity through physical activity. If you’re a kinesthetic learner and creator, you like to get your hands on your projects. This helps explain why your creativity may come to full fruition when you’re making prototypes, tinkering, or going for a run.

Tip: What do you like to do to recharge and express your creativity? Follow the path of your unique strengths to do more of what helps you feel like you’re in the groove.

3. Promote and safeguard your own health and wellness.

While we’re exploring the topic of working from home as a start-up entrepreneur, one relatively recent advantage becomes clear. Today we have access to a number of innovative tools and techniques that help us more accurately monitor and support personal health.

For instance, if you tend to ignore the fact that you’re hungry, it’s more likely that you’re living on junk food and not choosing healthy foods. By becoming more mindful of hunger, you can organize your schedule to include shopping, preparing, and enjoying healthy meals.

If you tend to tolerate more feelings of anxiety than most, you may not take advantage of home testing to keep up with your health status. Ignoring health is an outdated approach that often backfires, killing productivity. Nowadays, you can even use a rapid COVID test to get accurate results while you work. This is one smart way to reduce anxiety and increase calm.

Tip: Find a better alternative to tolerating or ignoring anxiety. Use home testing kits and instruments to take increased control of your health and wellness.

4. Experiment to find your work-at-home “zone.”

As you work from home, building and refining the finer details of your startup, keep a close eye on your unspoken assumptions. Whether it’s a new app or a novel new product, it’s absolutely essential to be on guard against expecting perfection at every milestone.

The first element of success is to adjust your expectations. Expect to experiment. Expect to iterate. Expect to have some failures on the road to success. Adopting the attitude of a scientist, take notes to keep track of your progress. Explore different methods and practices. Some will be fantastic. Others will be so-so. That’s all part of the process of finding your optimal ways of working from home.

Every entrepreneur has unique learning curves and productivity habits. There is no single right or wrong way to set up a home office, be productive, and foster creativity. However, most productivity experts encourage people to practice setting boundaries. Here are a few simple examples to help you get started.

  • Set up clear boundaries between work time and playtime. 
  • Create an office space where you won’t be interrupted.
  • Set up boundaries of time, such as establishing default working hours.

As you set up boundaries between work and the rest of your life, you may start to notice subtle improvements in both your focus and your output. This will further bolster your overall productivity as you work on your startup from home.

Tip: Work on one activity at a time. Keep records of your efforts and keep an open mind. Be ready to adapt and adjust based on what you find works best for you.

Wrapping Things Up

Being productive while working from home is both an art and a science. It doesn’t matter if you’re already a seasoned entrepreneur or this is your first foray into the realm of digital or technological enterprise. Keep experimenting. Find and adopt the techniques that help you stay productive, no matter what stage of development you’re in when launching your startup.

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