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You don’t hear much argument these days about the power of online reviews to sway the fortunes of businesses. Companies concerned about their reputation take care to respond to criticism quickly and engage with customers frequently so that they build brand loyalty. Consumers trust reviews when they’re going to make decisions about what to buy, where to to eat, and how best to spend their hard-earned dollars.




We’ve figured out that online reviews matter and that social sharing of information drives business. Beyond that, the referral system is somewhat of a disjointed mess. People have to visit different sites, figure out what information is trustworthy, fish for information in their personal networks, to name just a few hassles. Dallas-based startup iuzeit (as in “I use it”) looks to bring order to the community by creating a single destination where people can share opinions, reviews, ratings, and information with family and friends.


A cohesive, social referral site makes a lot of sense. We already share our opinions about favorite goods and services, but we do so all over the place – Twitter, Facebook, Yelp, e.g. – but this hardly guarantees that our assessments will help the people we care about discover the same great products we enjoy. How many times has each of us wondered, “Wait. Does John hate or love his new snow blower?” It’s difficult enough to keep simple preferences straight let alone recall specific details. If we were to record all of our views in one place, i.e. iuzeit, the site would serve as a far more convenient and useful source of reliable information.




With iuzeit, you don’t have to trust your memory or hound friends to repeat themselves. You can find their comments, recommendations, and ratings without searching vainly. Turning to one source also makes it easy to stay up on the newest technology or latest trends without making a huge effort. When it comes time to do a little research before making a purchase, iuzeit functions as a go-to starting spot.


What’s more, while we’ve grown accustomed to placing more faith in online reviews, they’re far from perfect. Some turn out to be fake. And there’s always some one who either loves or hates everything, no matter the true nature of the goods in question. It’s always preferable to personally know the source of information, to understand each individual’s tastes and how they relate to your own. Better yet, it’s great to be able to ask more questions related to a reviewer’s experience using a product or service in order to gain more precise and insightful information. This is all possible through a personal community of opinions and reviews at iuzeit.




Currently, iuzeit is taking requests to participate in their private beta testing. Those eager to become more savvy shoppers can also follow the startup’s progress on the iuzeit blog as well as on Facebook and Twitter. No one wants to give or receive shoddy Christmas presents (and then have to read about it!) after all.


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