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Today’s Killer Startup: BrightCaller


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Elevator Pitch:

BrightCaller is your own personal and professional motivation assistant.


Why It’s A Killer Startup:

We all have goals, right? We have personal goals, professional goals, romantic goals. This year, we’re going to get that promotion or stop dating musicians or finally drop that final ten pounds.


Really, we swear. We’re starting tomorrow.


Sometimes I think it’s almost impossible for most of us to to keep an eye on our goals all by ourselves. Personally, I need a lot of checking in with people who motivate me in order to keep my eye on the prize, probably because any goal worth meeting is hella hard. While I usually consign my boyfriend to the task of keeping me on task, BrightCaller is an excellent option for anyone who’s looking for that extra bit of motivation.


It’s also totally different from any other goal setting or productivity app or site I’ve written about before, so listen up.


With BrightCaller, you get a your own dedicated BrightCaller who calls at the same time every morning. They’re basically a personal assistant who is focused on your goals: you get to set which tasks they keep track of. For some folks, that means managing your calendar, reminding you about birthdays and events, keeping track of your long-term goals and where you are on your path to awesome, or even sending you daily compliments. Your caller gets to know you and even sends you weekly reports about how you’re doing.


BrightCaller has been in private beta with top companies like Facebook, Uber, Google, LinkedIn, Slack, and Pinterest, but they’ve recently rolled out their public beta. You can head over to their site, request access, and actually get started on meeting those goals – tomorrow.



Everyone has trouble meeting their #goals and staying productive – except people with a @BrightCaller


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