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ramelectronics.netThis site carries a comprehensive supply of every imaginable piece of cable you might dream of needing. Featuring audio, video, videogames, LAN and computer accessories, to name just a few of the categories available, this site positions itself as a leader for the online tech-accessory sales market, shipping to the US and the world, both retail and whole-sale oriented. Also, the vast list of manufacturers sold by is bound to rule out any compatibility issue you might be experiencing, plus the price seems quite reasonable, too. An important pro of is that you have live-chat help service, and has Spanish-speaking assistance on office hours.

A good plus about is that it carries simple step-by-step guides to plugging in and installing your purchases, exactly the same kind of information you would get from you local dealer, with much the same patience. In Their Own Words

RAM Electronics is a manufacturer, distributer and reseller of Audio, Video, Computer and Networking connectivity products and accessories as well as a custom and OEM manufacturer.

Why It Might Be A Killer

The impressive stock at and their customer-oriented platform is a good plus on this site, and what can probably set them as the next killer startup.

Some Questions About

The site’s rather amateurish design makes one a bit doubtful on the otherwise clearly defined professionalism with which the store positions itself.

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