Raffle-It.org – A Social Giving Project

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Raffle-It.orgThis site gives you data about a project that was created in order to improve people’s lives. In essence this site is all about Social Giving. This is an interesting concept that intends to contribute with others (anywhere in the world) without any interest.

As you might know, there are many people related to Social Giving around the world, no matter if they are involved with the ‘giving’ or the ‘receiving’ side chances are, you can think about somebody that is actually involved in Social Giving

This solution was created in order to provide those who have something to give away to do it simply with a couple of clicks. The fun thing about this site’s service is that it is very simple to use and gives many people the possibility to get new items that can be used in order to have a better quality of life. In case you want to get involved with this service you just need to start a raffle to let people join in and then pick a raffle winner.

After that, you just need to send the item to the person who wins. In this way that person is going to get a nice surprise. In case you find anything particularly interesting Raffle-It.org, will give you the chance to get it no matter if you are young or old. Forget about backgrounds differences and stay open to the chance to bring some positivity back into life at Raffle-It.org

Raffle-It.org In Their Own Words

“If you have something that you’d like to give away for free – say, something you know might benefit another person, but you’re not really interested in listing it for sale at an online auction site – you can list it here, for free, and give it away, for free, to someone who expresses an interest in taking it off your hands. Raffle It!”

Why Raffle-It.org It Might Be A Killer

Because it will move people to do something positive by helping others and having the chance to find interesting items.

Some Questions About Raffle-It.org

How can this solution be as widespread as it deserves? Raffle-It.org

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