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Quick Information

Name of Startup: Racer Club
Year Founded: 2021
Type of company: Web 3 Game Development Studio
HQ Location: Melbourne, Australia

Startup Founders:

  • Matt N (CEO), sold first company to Google at 20, gone on to sell 3 more companies in last 20 years.
  • Roman G (CTO), tech genius and scaler specialising in blockchain, gaming and devops.
  • Vince N (CFO), $7.7 billion in trade sales over last 25 years. Specialising in M&As and business strategy.

Startup one-liner:

We’re the future of racing games.

Problem the startup solves:

Bridging the gap between blockchain games to Esports and mainstream.

Progress and current status:

MVP, 95 thousand members, 210 user signups (max needed 2500), raised $1M till date.

What is a crazy story about the startup?:

Paris Hilton, John Cena, Jason Derulo and Eva Longeria has checked out the project and LOVES IT!

What is a company the startup looks up to, and why?:

Tesla / SpaceX, outside of the box innovation.

The company in four years will be…


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