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Quonference Offers Web-Based Video Conferencing With a Focus on Security

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As many companies continue to operate with a fully or partially remote team, video conferencing has become commonplace. However, with a variety of video conferencing tools available as well as reports of people hacking into meetings, it can be hard to know which video conferencing tool is the most secure. Luckily, there’s a new platform that prioritizes security: Quonference.

Quonference is a web conferencing platform for businesses that want to meet without worrying about security issues or infiltration. The platform offers a range of security capabilities, including one-time passwords, biometric control and more. It also supports Yubico keys, onboard fingerprint readers and other devices. Quonference is designed to be a great option for meetings where secure access control and confidentiality are important.

Quonference offers four levels of security on their meeting rooms: fully open, user login required, invitation only, and FIDO2/Biometric. In fully open rooms, anyone with the room link can access the meeting room. For rooms where user login is required, users must have a Quonference account and be part of the same company as the room owner. Invitation-only rooms are accessible only to people selected by the room owner. Users must identify themselves with their login credentials if they have an account or an assigned individual pin if they don’t have an account. In rooms with FIDO2/Biometric security, participants must use a biometric marker, a FIDO2 roaming hardware authentication device or a FIDO2-compatible security key with their account. This way, only participants who are able to confirm who they are by using a fingerprint reader or similar device can access the room.

In addition to secure logins, Quonference offers a variety of features designed to create a great user experience.

Quality video
Quonference offers high-definition, multi-party video conferencing so you can easily see who you’re talking to. The meetings take place in your web browser, so there’s no need to install plugins or apps.

Quality sound
Users can join the meeting using a headset and their computer, or dial in using an in-country access number.

Seamless recording
Room owners can record their meetings, download them, share them with their team, or keep them private.

Collaborative whiteboard
The shared whiteboard feature allows meeting participants to hold brainstorming sessions or share their ideas.

Screen sharing
Room owners can give presentations using the screen-sharing feature, or allow other members of the call to share their screens. There are no plugins required to use this feature.

Affordable pricing
Quonference is free to use during BETA, and the company plans to later offer prices that are clear and have no hidden costs.

Custom waiting screen
Room owners can customize the waiting screen that participants see while waiting to be admitted to the meeting room. Waiting screens can be customized with music or video.

Unlimited rooms
Using an intuitive portal, you can create as many rooms as you’d like for your team.

Real-time reporting
Check attendance through instant post-meeting reports.

Are you looking for a new web conferencing solution for your team? Quonference is currently in BETA and looking for users to sign up. Visit to learn more and try it out for yourself.

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