How to submit? – Quit Smoking with Text Messages is an Austrailian site based on an innovative way to help smokers quit.

The idea is that a members recieve daily SMS texts from Quitext created by ex-smokers that guide the member through difficult physical and mental stages of quitting. To begin, a smoker who wants to quit joins the program and can choose the day they want to begin. The start date can be today, in a week, a month or even a year. Members also choose the time of day they want to receive the text. Some people prefer to start their day with a message and some choose to hold off till the cravings worsen later on in the day (smoke breaks). One text is sent every single day no matter where the member is. As long as they have their cell phone they have the support of The texts are compiled by ex-smokers who have endured cravings and difficulties yet have succeeded and are now smoke free. The texts are motivational and help the member think about their life after quitting. The program is six weeks long and also includes a ¨free quit meter¨ which users can put in their website or blog that keeps track of the number of smoke free days, money saved, and ciggarettes skipped. The program can also be gifted to friends or family who need a jumpstart. There is no guarentee that this method will work but it´s worth a try! Currently, is available to people in Austrailia and New Zealand, however they have a global roll out plan for 2007. In Their Own Words

¨The QuiText programme has been compiled by ex-smokers. People who have gone through the quitting process. Based on individual real life experiences, our message programme is designed to steer you through the physical and psychological stages of the quitting process. You will receive a daily SMS message to your phone providing support and encouragement about problems you will be facing at specific times. We will send you help and advice on dealing with cravings, habits and even how to start thinking about your smoke free future. With QuiText, it’s one day at a time. ¨

Why It Might Be A Killer

Quitting smoking might be the hardest thing people have to do for themselves. Smokers are tired of gum, fake ciggs, and patches, and are looking for a new option. Considering that now people are attached to their cell phones more than ever, this text salvation could really take off. The fact that real ex-smokers are generating the messages is a real plus, so the members will know that this advice has worked for others and that these people ¨have been there too.¨ The Quitext Free Quit Meter is awesome because bloggers can exhibit their triumphs and also gain community support to quit smoking. What a delight to wake up in the morning, sign into your blog and see the numbers rise. The smoke-free days, money saved, and ciggs skipped are hard facts that the member can use to monitor their growth and keep motivated.

Some Questions About

Does this really work? For some, this type of motivation could work but are the messages powerful enough to really keep the ciggs out of the yellow fingers of smokers?

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