Qi Jian Arrives As “The Company” Serving China’s Diabetics

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As far as chronic diseases go, there’s a lot that diabetics can do for themselves, which is both good and bad news. On the positive side, they don’t have to feel entirely at the mercy of outside care. They have tools and medicines in hand that allow them to manage their condition with some autonomy. On the negative side, constant monitoring is a huge PIA and places a large burden directly on patients.


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In China, this situation applies to over 120 million diabetics. Add to their woes horrendous wait times to see a doctor and general neglect, and you have a population sorely in need of help.


This is where Qi Jian enters the picture. Qi Jian HK Ltd. is a company developing mobile apps and services to assist China’s diabetics. In collaboration with the famous Joslin Diabetic Clinic (affiliated with Harvard Medical School), Qi Jian provides tools that aid patients, doctors, and hospitals.


Monitoring glucose and testing blood are an unpleasant part of life for diabetics. Qi Jian makes routine tasks easier, if not less horrible, by using incentives and gamification to encourage patients to keep up with monitoring. At the same time, calendars and alerts help patients to stay on top of when it’s time to test blood and to plot out exercise, eating, and taking medication – and keep that blood sugar level in check.


Qi Jian also equips diabetics with an emergency call button. The ability to share data from blood tests is just one other way that mobile apps help diabetics communicate with care providers more efficiently and quickly. When the body’s systems go out of whack for a diabetic, time is a matter of life and death. Qi Jian speeds communication, especially useful for elderly patients that don’t get around so easily. What’s more, as more people become comfortable with a smartphone, the mobile healthcare market can effectively reach patients previously excluded from the healthcare system.


Social networks oriented around diabetes make life with the disease less solitary, while daily videos and articles concerning the disease help patients to feel more in control of their daily treatment. Qi Jian even incorporates meditation practices for a more holistic management program.


Better coping tools, better supervision of daily exercise/diet/medication, better access to caregivers – Qi Jian gives China’s diabetics powerful tools to for monitoring conditions and receiving support. Learn more about what the startup is planning at qijianhk.com.cn.


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