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PulsePost.comPulse Post is a new social service that wants to let users get to know all there is to know about the train of life in selected cities across the world. The idea here is that people can create their own profiles and then start recommending these venues that they know and love, so that others get to learn about the pulse in these cities.

In this way, people who live there will get to know places they might never have heard of until then, and foreigners who are visiting these cities will know exactly where to head to when they disembark there for the first time.

Pulse Post, then, aims to provide just everybody with a truly vivid snapshot of the buzz in all the cities throughout the world which are supported. The idea is not bad, and the chances of success this site can have lie in direct proportion to the rate at which new cities are added. The steadier it is, then the bigger chances this will have of being adopted. In Their Own Words

Enter the realm of online/reality social networking. This is a free site, offering personal profiles that integrate with the pulse of selected cities throughout the world.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a direct way to know what is hot and what is not in salient cities from all over the world.

Some Questions About

When are more cities being supported?

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