How to submit? – Online Layouts and More

Profile-pimp.netLooking for fun layouts for your space or email? provides you layouts, wallpapers, graphics backgrounds, glitter graphics, contact table tweaks, media players, custom codes and many other codes to customize your profile, email, web logs, groups, and web forums.

The most popular customizations are layouts which are either pre-made or are just pretty and cute. By clicking on your favorite option, the site will show you a picture of it and beneath it a chain of codes for you to copy and paste into your space, in order to establish your icon or any other option into it. All the options offered by it, are organized in such a way for you to find all the wanted icons or graphics or else in a quick and simple way. The site is entirely customized with all this icons and fun backgrounds showing you how you can do it for yours. In addition, in the top of the page you also have the possibility to play some new games just by clicking on the one you choose.

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