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Proboards50.comIf you are currently thinking of adding a forum to your website, this website offers the solution you are looking for. Proboards50.

com is the official website of Proboards, a free remotely hosted message board service. Proboards is one of the top forum’s providers on the internet with more than 2 million forums and 20 million users worldwide. In fact, currently, all the Proboards forums combined receive a total of more than 600 million pageviwes per month. On their website you can learn everything about their service, their latest news, and main features. Also, you can learn how to add one of their forums to your web and sign up for one here. In case you are currently using one of their forums and you need assistance, here you can access to their support team either by email or phone. Finally, you can get their latest version of their software and take a look at all the latest forums added.

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