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PricingScan: The first complete Amazon seller platform with dynamic pricing

As the largest online marketplace in the world, Amazon can be tough to navigate for sellers looking to grow their business. To stay ahead of the competition, sellers need a strategic approach to monitoring their sales, but most platforms today don’t provide comprehensive, user-friendly functionalities for an affordable price. PricingScan is the first Amazon seller platform to offer unlimited access to our features with straightforward, dynamic pricing and no fixed fees.

Launched on April 1st, 2021, PricingScan is the complete platform for Amazon sellers to intuitively manage their business and increase their sales based on key growth metrics. We offer a wide array of features that cover everything from inventory management to customized auto responses for customer comments.

Users simply sign up on our website, connect to their Amazon Seller Central account, and with dynamic pricing, PricingScan automatically calculates a one percent commission on the seller’s transactions. The PricingScan app will then issue a monthly invoice to the seller’s account. 

Why PricingScan?

Dynamic pricing is the key to the PricingScan platform. Simply put: when our sellers don’t sell, they don’t pay. We allow Amazon sellers to keep their business sustainable with a more cost-effective, small-business-friendly solution that allows any Amazon seller to access the tools they need to be competitive without being priced out.

PricingScan is one of the only platforms to offer unlimited access to our entire suite of management features for no additional cost. Sellers can take advantage of all of our features to automate, optimize and expand their business.


The PricingScan platform offers a host of features to help Amazon sellers improve their sales management and product positioning on the Amazon website:

Customer Database: Displays order history, transaction history, repeat buyers, customized lists and more.

Catalog Management: Intelligently organize your products and manage or improve offers.

User Management: Add platform users at no additional cost. Assign roles and permissions on a granular level.

Multi-Site Support: Take advantage of the full suite of tools and features on PricingScan across several marketplaces.

Amazon Repricer: Be the business behind the “Buy Now” click and maximize your profits with competitive pricing.

Amazon Autoresponder: Set up automated email sequences based on a variety of triggers. For example, a personalized sequence that sends automatically after every sale to update customers on their order status.

Monitoring Comments: Consult comments, associate them directly with each evaluation in Seller Central, use the comments in the customer filters and in the autoresponder.

Even more features: Catalog management, transaction database and profit dashboard.

All of this (and more!) for only a one percent commission on your monthly Amazon sales.

PricingScan is the first platform to offer comprehensive management tools for Amazon sellers of all stripes to grow their business — all for an affordable monthly sales commission. Ready to see for yourself what PricingScan can do? Visit to learn more and get started.


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