How to submit? – Video Trivia 2.0 Style

PopJax.comPopJax is a brand new online video trivia site. It combines video clips from Youtube et al with pop culture quiz questions.

Players must answer correctly based on the content within the video. The company aims to be the Trivial Pursuit of the internet age. You’ll find games based on celebrities in rehab, models, sexy TV, hip hop stars, and the Oscars. There are also a handful of games for sports lovers— College Hoops, Super Bowl Ads 2008. Of course, what fun are games if there are no tangible prizes? PopJax gives away cash rewards, which you can win either by submitting a question and video clip, or by earning so many points in a certain time period. PopJax is also available on Facebook. In Their Own Words

“PopJax is the first video/trivia game on the web. We use a unique combination of your favorite video clips and trivia questions to provide a fun experience that will appeal to people who love trivia as well as people who love videos.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Videos and trivia make a fun combination. The games are easy entertainment. While they don’t expend your brain too much, they do test your pop culture knowledge. What’s more, PopJax has already gained over $4 million in VC funding, so it looks like it will be sticking around for some time.

Some Questions About

PopJax pulls in videos—mostly from Youtube—without a license it’s bound to run into some legal issues. Will it be able to avoid those without having to cease operations altogether?

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