How to submit? – Parent’s Guide to Financing College

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PlusLoanInfo.comDo you wonder how you’re going to finance your kids’ college education? Student Loan Xpress can help you make the right decision about college financing. When faced with the question of how to finance an education, many parents look to their investments, home equity or private funding.

This can be confusing and overwhelming. Student Loan Xpress offers a guide for parents called “Investing in the Future – A Parent’s Guide to Financing a College Education” to help them make up their minds on a solid basis. This guide is free and includes: College Costs You Need to Consider, Where to Get Financial Aid, Financial Aid Options, and How to Apply for Financial Aid. You’re able to get this book just by filling in a form with the following information: Parent’s First Name and Last Name, Student’s First Name and Last Name, Address, City, State, Phone (with Area Code), Zip Code, and E-mail Address. Student Loan Xpress is a lender company that claims to be committed to providing smart lending solutions in combination with outstanding customer service to make the educational loan process a comfortable and easy-to-understand experience.

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