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Pluralism.orgIn the past forty years, immigration has dramatically changed the religious landscape of the United States. Today, the encounter between people of different religious traditions takes place in American cities and neighborhoods.

To face that reality, the Pluralism Project at Harvard University began a pioneering study of America’s changing religious landscape. Through an expanding network of affiliates, this project documents the contours of our multi-religious society, explore new forms of interfaith engagement, and study the impact of religious diversity in civic life. Through, the project’s developers aim to communicate this commitment to every single visitor, and invite everyone interested to join them. Within the site you will find all the information related to this project, as well as general texts about pluralism, religion, and traditions. Check the categories on the left to access other resources available, such as multimedia, online resources, information about events, and more. You can also support the project at the Contribute section.

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