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Plug and Secure to collaborative and secured exchanges

With PnS Concept now you can trust the Internet
Numerous dangers are targeting data going though Internet, Intranet or Extranet, even more when companies are relying on consumer tools. Spam, viruses, Trojans, spies, hacking, hoaxes are some of the risks that endanger the efficiency and the profitability of a company.

PnS Concept Plug and Secure solutions ® guaranty protected information and to be in control of Internet transfers.
The creation of your turnkey and customised web site or secured transfer collaborative platform by PnS Concept allows you to add value to your image.

Transfer very big file or very confidential data with few administration.
See features of apliance or SaaS solution at

Why Plug and Secure to collaborative and secured exchanges It Might Be A Killer

– PnS solutions are really OPEN. Any browser on any computer and OS can work with !
– Professional solution with no publicity, no pop-up every where
– The bandwith is really used for the data transfert
– On original solution for strong authentication

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