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Like many magical things in this world – so beautiful and flawless on the surface that we give credit to spiritual forces in play – weddings cast their spells usually thanks to tremendous planning and hard work. Here to ensure that the bride and groom create enchanting memories with a little more ease is Wedjinni. Connecting soon-to-be-married couples with wedding professionals, Wedjinni can help you plan your wedding online.


Out Of The Bottle

Wedjinni is a wedding planning platform, kind of like your own “loyal wedding spirit” that helps keep planning organized and budgets in check. Make as many wishes as you’d like, and use straightforward tools to see them all come true. Avoid bridezillas and other unnatural creatures from manifesting in the lead up to the big day by simply managing all the wedding logistics.





Eventually Wedjinni will charge couples a one-time fee of $19.90 (still incredibly cheap compared to a professional coordinator or other premium services), but an account is currently free while the company is in Beta. Sign up with an email account then complete a quick three-step registration, supplying basic personal information and wedding details – budget, time, and date.


Once logged in, a dashboard provides a quick view of all the major components such as budget, guests, gifts, the wedding party, tasks, and vendors. A jinni guides members through the platform or can be sent back into the lamp until needed again.





On the left side of the home screen, there is a convenient tally of the total wedding costs and the percentage of the budget used up. A countdown clock tells how much time remains before the ceremony. Below these features, there’s a list of links to planning tools broken down as follows:


  • Budget / Expenses
  • Invitations
  • Gift List
  • Reception
  • ToDo List
  • Calendar
  • Contact


It’s no secret that money is one of the biggest reasons couples fight, so it’s best to not let dollars become an issue well before saying, “I do.” Wedjinni starts couples off by inputting budget estimates. As plans become more concrete, then users confirm costs and monitor both what’s been paid and what still needs to be paid for.





Wedjinni helps lovebirds make invitations or follow the status of mailed invites. It’s worth mentioning that data can be imported into the platform at any time, so the full suite of tools is useful to early stage planners as well as the unfortunate duos who’ve had mishaps and need to make adjustments late in the game.


Wedjinni also keeps track of gifts – from requests made to gifts received – which comes in handy when it’s time to send thank yous. Plan your seating chart for the reception. Assign tasks, make deadlines, stay on schedule putting events and meetings all on one calendar. Store relevant contacts in a convenient location.





Marriage Should Be A Fun Adventure

In addition to managing all the planning elements, the JinniQuest add-on (still being developed) puts couples in contact with vendors. Rather than scouring magazines and directories, or making endless trips to meetings, couples may enter in details of professional services desired and the information is passed along to vendors already included in the Wedjinni database. Vendors may submit proposals, and couples find help without ever leaving home. This is a convenient resource for couples and a great way for eager wedding professionals to market their skills.


Wedjinni has mobile versions (iOS and Android) slated for release in the near future that will offer complimentary quick access to information, send notifications, and more. The final app will be available in over ten languages, making Wedjinni a multicultural assistant. The company is based in Bansko, Bulgaria, and headed by CEO Theodore Batzakas who brings over 13 years of experience running a Greek web development firm to the startup.


If only the jinni could guarantee marital bliss… Though that’s an awful lot to ask of a startup still in Beta. To request more information regarding Wedjinni, visit





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