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At Last – Curated Shopping With The Heart Of A Lion

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Let me guess – you’re going to buy chocolates and flowers and go out to dinner for Valentine’s Day?


OK, that’s all great and there’s a reason why those gifts have become staples of the holiday, but, c’mon! Why not step up your game and go the extra mile by giving that lovely person across the table something original?


Something modern, something unique, something that you can find on PinkLion.


PinkLion is a curated marketplace of modern goods from hand-selected, independent brands that have an eye on killer design. Or put another way, “of all the things that make life a little better.” Find independent brand goods under the following categories: jewelry, tech/gadgets, home + living, men, women, and art.



pinklion landing



True to the brand’s tagline “Be Younique,” there are plenty of unique items on PinkLion that allow each individual to celebrate his or her whimsical, practical, beauty-loving, singular personalities.


It didn’t take long for me to spy a charming Lucky Elephant Pendant my pachyderm-crazed friend would love, a stylish & creative player for iPhones – even a propane-fired table of fire!


Before laughing, you should know I once won a girl’s heart by giving her a chainsaw for Valentine’s Day. Nobody took her interest seriously, but I paid attention and gave her the gift that nobody else would. You tell me sitting around this deck piece on a beautiful night wouldn’t ignite romance. (The chainsaw didn’t come back to haunt me after we broke up, for anyone wondering.)


Seriously though, it’s tough to find affordable artwork that’s original, and PinkLion features everything from watercolors to photographs, street art, quilled paper and much more.






There are no listing fees for designers, which makes PinkLion an attractive place for creative entrepreneurs to open shop. Plus, shop owners have complete control over their pricing and shipping fees.


Call me old-fashioned, but I’d like to believe that there are still plenty of us gentle souls around that would call it quits on a relationship if a drone came to deliver us presents. Unique, personal, handpicked, and handcrafted – these are and always will be essential characteristics of the shopping experience that cut against the grain of homogenized goods and services, that fills our lives with delightful things that actually matter to us.


Try a new way to shop until your heart’s content at


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