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Never Suffer From Downtime Again With Pingometer

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When you run a store or a company that has an office, you know exactly when the plumbing breaks or a fuse blows or the roof starts leaking. The structure of your business is integrally linked with the structure of your building and, as a good business person, you’re going to make sure than any structural issues are addressed posthaste, lest you lose money in the down time.


Now, if your business is online and the “building” is a website, it’s harder to know when the plumbing isn’t working, if you get my drift. If parts of your site aren’t functioning – say the contact form isn’t sending or the order button is broken – it’s just as detrimental to your business as having no water is to a coffee shop. However, it’s a helluva lot harder to know exactly what isn’t working – and where.


The answer to your problems?

Pingometer is a website uptime monitor that acts as your eyes inside the workings of your site. With the ability to monitor HTTP, HTTPS, RUM (Real User Monitoring), DNS, IMAP, POP3, SMTP, TCP, and UDP, Pingometer knows immediately when something goes wrong and lets you know so that your site doesn’t suffer from a minute more of downtime than it has to.


pingometer website uptime monitor



The company – which is globally based with offices all over the world and which performs 24/7 monitoring of your site – confirms all outages before bothering you with an alert. That means that you know anything they share with you is a true issue. Then, once it’s clear that something is wrong, Pingometer uses the in-app groups and contacts to make sure the right people on your team are informed and on it ASAP.


Each team member can also set custom notifications with the options of email, text message, voice, Twitter, or webhook. This feature means that your site’s problem is likely to be fixed especially quickly, as different people definitely have different preferences for communication.


Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 11.54.44 AM


Once the problem is solved, Pingometer sends you a full report that traces exactly what went wrong so that you can make sure it doesn’t happen again.They’ll also give you reports that track trends, events, and your site’s general performance, all of which is exportable to CSV, PDF, or PNG files.


So what’s it gonna cost you?

Pingometer has a tiered price system, depending on your needs: The smallest package is $19 per month and the biggest is $199 per month. They also have a 30-day money back guarantee, so if you give it a shot and feel like it’s not for you, you haven’t lost a dime


While it will never be as easy to monitor the “structure” of your online business as it is to monitor the structure of a brick and mortar business, Pingometer can help make it that much easier.


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