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Pickka.comThose who want to put their smartphones to the service of their health are well-advised to check out this website. In principle, here they will find a set of health apps that will let them have a smoother experience when it comes to activities such as buying over the counter medicines and the management of weight loss.

These two concerns are tackled by an app named “PICKKA MED” and another entitled “PICKKA Shop To Lose” respectively. The former employs a patent-pending search technology for letting users make better-informed decisions when it comes to products associated with healthcare and wellbeing on the whole, while the other is self-explanatory. Any person who needs to get in shape can use it in order to learn which food products are the most suitable ones on offer. The idea is to let people avoid making the mistake of buying food impulsively, as in 9 out of 10 cases such food is not the kind of food that a nutrition expert would recommend.

Further apps are going to be released by the company soon, and these will include one for taking care of your skin. I guess it will be the first of many more to come, since the topic at hand is not only endless in terms of scope but also in terms of the interest it can actually generate. In Their Own Words

“PICKKA delivers a suite of iPhone and smartphone applications to help consumers make better decisions on products related to health, wellness and well-being. The patent-pending “guided search” technology and expert knowledge base taps on a broad range of technologies and features never before seen on the iPhone and other mobile devices.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It lets just anybody use technology to improve his general wellbeing. Apps that do that do never go unnoticed.

Some Questions About

When will further apps be released by the company?

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