How to submit? – Make Photo Albums from Digital Photos

PhotoAlbum.comDo you have tons of photos sitting in your computer being ignored and forgotten? How many photos of memorable moments and great trips are gathering dust in your PC files? The truth is that digital cameras very convenient and economical but our digital photos rarely make it out of the computer and into our daily lives as photo albums. It used to be that Mom would print out the photos and make a pretty little album and place it on a shelf with the rest of the family albums with titles such as “Maggies First Year” and “Our Family Trip to Niagara Falls.

” But now, photos are sent by email, glanced at, and save in the depths of My Documents/My Pictures/2007. Now, we can rescue those poor forgotten photos by organizing them into an online photo album that can be printed out in real life! On it is easy to make an album by signing up, using the dummy-proof design tool and ordering professional quality books. The options are pretty good and there are cool scrapbooking options to liven up the pages.

Why It Might Be A Killer

We are really wasting our photos by only having them in files and online. The best way to save valuable photos is to put them in an album and has a good way to do it. Instead of printing out photos and placing them in an album by hand, users can choose and change the design online without glue or corner stickers and simply order the final product.

Some Questions About

The tour option currently doesn’t work which makes it hard to see exactly what the design process is like.

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