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PhishTank.comNobody is free from phishing attacks, and the threats these can pose to your own safety are much bigger than you might imagine. You don’t need to have your credit card number compromised to realize that there is a problem that merits as much attention as it can receive.

This website aims to become the one spot on the Web in which sites that are involved in fraudulent activities are denounced. Phish Tank is a true collaborative clearing house, and anybody can submit each single phishing site that he has the misfortune of coming across. The most recent submission can be seen on the main page, and you can even sign for a mailing list and be always informed about the latest additions to the site.

For its part, developers are actually provided with an open API that they can readily employ to integrate anti-phishing data into their very own applications. In that sense, the Phish Tank website does all that it is possible to do in order to equip both members of the general public and developers with the resources for fighting phishing to the best of their capabilities. In Their Own Words

“Join the fight against phishing.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Phishing is becoming more and more widespread by the day. Any site that aims to stop it is a good site in every sense.

Some Questions About

Are there other sites playing out a comparable role?

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