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Here’s A Personal Travel Concierge You Can Actually Afford

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Today’s Killer Startup: MeetnGreetMe


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Elevator Pitch:

MeetnGreetMe makes concierge travel services affordable for everyone by connecting friendly locals with travelers.


Why It’s A Killer Startup:

You’ve never felt more helpless than when you’re in a foreign city, sick as a dog, with no cell or internet service, not even one word of the local language, and you have to figure out how to to get to the doctor’s office. Seriously, the anxiety around 1. finding a doctor, 2. finding a doctor that speaks English, 3. making an appointment and, 4. figuring out how to get your sick self to the doctor’s office is enough to make anyone just give up and die.


MeetnGreetMe is a new startup that is out to help travelers in exactly that situation and to help with the 8 million other things that come up when you’re in a new country and you just don’t get… well, anything. The company lets travelers put out a request for some kind of service that they need in a new country — be it airport pickup or arranging tours or, yes, getting them to the doctor — and include how much they’re willing to pay for that service.


Locals on the site can then sign up to help out that traveler, agree to the price, and get going! The whole thing makes it easier to travel and also helps out local folks who are friendly and looking to make a little extra cash. It’s like your own little travel concierge that you can actually afford.


As someone who has found myself in the “WTF am I going to do now??” situation on more than one occasion in countries where I literally didn’t know how to make a phone call, I can tell you that a service like this is invaluable. Check out their site and see if you’re going to be headed to one of the 17 countries they’re currently available in. Even if your dream destination isn’t on there, keep checking back. I have a feeling these guys are going to grow.



Need a little expert help getting around a new city? It’s time to #MeetnGreetMe


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