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SendAsGift Solves Your Gift Giving Dilemmas

Gift giving is a talent that not everyone has. In fact, it has been known to cause full-blown panic attacks amongst those with dreadful present presenting track records. Luckily there’s, a website that screens potential gifts with recipients before they are bought.




Here’s how it works:


  1. You enter your email address or log in with Facebook
  2. You select a gift from any website
  3. SendAsGift checks whether the recipient likes the gift
  4. They offer coupons and discounts to buy at the lowest price
  5. All you have left to do is to send the gift from the chosen website, using the shipping information received by the recipient


We chatted with Nitzan Pinsky-Lugassy, the founder and gift giving guru to find out what sparked the inspiration for SendAsGift, and what personal rewards she’s receiving from her users.




It’s all in the name


The name, says Nitzan, needed to make it clear that you can send ANYTHING as a gift, not just stuffed bears or cheap chocolate. Users can enter a search query (i.e. “ipod  touch”) or paste any website address and SendAsGift will help them find it at the best price. And, Nitzan got the domain for free… score!


The People, The Inspiration, The Challenges


With the exception of the coding and design work from her husband, Nitzan is a solo-mission, self-funded founder, running everything from marketing, to traffic acquisition to customer service.


Her inspiration came while on maternity leave. Her friends wondered what to buy for her and how to get it to her. Nitzan ended up replacing most of the gifts because the size was wrong, color was off or she already had it. She thought, “There must be a better way to gift others.” And, voila! SendAsGift was born.



Her biggest challenge thus far is making the website mobile-friendly. But, she says, while you can still send gifts and communicate via SMS,  full-blown iOS and Android apps are in the works. Soon users will have a much better mobile experience.


Pinterests, Apple, Instagram. Love.


Nitzan says Pinterest hands-down, is her fave site on the net, giving her an abundance of motivation and inspiration. She thinks its “awesome people curating awesome stuff in wonderful aesthetics.”



And her tech brand preference? She’s an Apple fan girl, of course.


And the winner of the best mobile app challenge? That would be our good friend Instagram, for creating a visual timeline of Nitzan’s life day after day.


The Gift that Keeps on Giving


Though Nitzan has just kicked off her startup journey she says she’s already feeling the love:


“It is already very rewarding seeing gift givers and receivers communicate more efficiently and sending better gifts to each other.”



So, next time your friend has a birthday or your sister has a baby, make sure you stop by SendAsGift before, to ensure your gift will be well received. Thanks for the startup inspiration, Nitzan, and good luck!


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Author : Holly Hutton

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