How to submit? – Medical Social Bookmarking is a website that is restricted to use of only people in the medical field.

This is to maintain the usefulness of the site and make sure that when a nurse or a doctor logs on to the site they are able to access relevant information for which they are seeking. With PeerClip a user can organize their media into one location, their podcasts, internet articles, videos and so on, and make them easily visible to others that may be interested in those same subjects. The site is more than just bookmarking, however, the physicians and nurses can actually make chats about whatever subjects they are reading about to express their opinions and get the opinions of other professionals in their fields. PeerClip’s technology will also find other related articles to what the user is reading while they are using the site. In Their Own Words

“PeerClip is exclusively for physicians, physician assistants and nurse practitioners. PeerClip is free to qualified users.
PeerClip combines the two preferred ways physicians gain knowledge—reading medical literature and interacting with peers—into a powerful online tool.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

As medical professionals, they are always researching new tests that are being performed and checking out new research, this can be an interesting place to both find out about, comment on it, and see what other professionals are saying about it as well.

Some Questions About

It seems that PeerClip can be very useful for many members of the medical community and will provide a great service. However, the site is free to use and its monetized through advertising either.

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