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Reach A Whole New Level Of Awesome With Paradigm NEXT


While you have to be tech savvy (or at least have a tech savvy person on your team) to run a startup, a lot of companies still haven’t jumped on one very, very important tech element: the social media/SEO side of things. Some people think that “anyone” can do social media marketing, the truth is that it’s way more complicated than you think.


While some of you may just need your basic Facebook and Twitter outreach, others really require the full-scale internet blitz attack. That’s when it’s best to turn to the professionals and I’ve got a great one for you today: Paradigm NEXT.





This five-year-old startup is your one stop shop for all of your online marketing needs, from total rebranding to social media marketing to SEO management. Rather than trying to struggle to figure out all the ins about outs of what can be a deceptively complicated business, why not pay one company to supply and manage all of your online marketing needs?


And, I must say, they do it very, very prettily.


Who They Are

The team behind ParadigmNEXT has 20 years of combined experience in product branding and marketing. With fun titles like “Ideation Director” (Anatoly Nirshberg), “Captain of New Media and Maps” (Michael E. Stadler), and “Director of First Impressions” (Mike Timo), the image this team puts forth is just the right combination of professionalism and a good healthy sense of fun.


Need help with creating videos? Are your photos not as professional as you’d like them to be? Paradigm NEXT team members Marcin Cymmer and Brendan Leahy have you covered.





Why You Need Them


I know you’re bootstrapping, pinching pennies left and right, but let me be really blunt here: your design sucks. It’s not cohesive, it doesn’t flow, and my eyes hurt after three minutes of staring at it.


This is the reaction I have to a lot of the sites I’m exposed to every day. Unfortunately, so many of you out there have great ideas and crappy, crappy design. Paradigm NEXT, on the other hand, has a smooth, navigable, easy-on-the-eyes website. Even before I took a look at their portfolio, their own home base spoke for itself: these guys know what they’re doing.





Project Management

Another great thing they’ve got going on is a project management system that you can choose to opt into. If you’re the type of founder who likes to be on top of every single detail (and really, what founder isn’t?) you can obsessively monitor and track every move Paradigm NEXT makes and if you’d rather not, that’s cool too. They’ll keep you updated with weekly status meetings so you’re sure to stay in the loop.


Save Valuable Time

The final reason for hiring these guys is that your time and your team members’ time is very valuable. Yes, you can spend the weeks (or possibly years) that it will take to become an SEO and marketing expert, absolutely. Before you do that, however, sit down and calculate how much that would cost if you were paying yourself and hourly wage.


Still seem worth it to you?


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