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Ozen – Music To The Ears Of Everyone Concerned For Their Hearing


If you’ve never suffered from hearing problems, you are one lucky individual. I’ve enjoyed pretty good health throughout my life, but a bout of tinnitus nearly broke me.

I couldn’t sleep. I couldn’t enjoy anything, because it was impossible to tune out the ringing. I probably further damaged my hearing by attempting to drown out the ringing with other very loud sounds. I tried visiting an ENT, going to an acupuncturist, meditating, audio exercises suggested by friends, anything that would make the ringing stop. Nothing worked. One day it was just mysteriously gone – or muted to the point where I can now live with the ringing and pay it no mind.

I wouldn’t wish such misery on anyone, and sure wish I’d had a resource like Ozen to turn to for help.


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Ozen (The Australian Hearing Specialists) is a platform for finding better hearing care, serving people across Australia – though we can cheer for the model to win followers and for the company to expand its reach.

Ozen helps people dealing with hearing problems locate audiologists easily. It offers free hearing evaluation tests, and also assists with finding all the right hearing products such as hearing aids and earplugs.

Loss of hearing is terrifying, and we all eventually experience some degree of hearing loss. Ozen makes the process of understanding issues and finding help a lot less frightening by supplying information on ailments like tinnitus and on remedies like cochlear implants, in addition to pinpointing health care providers.

Ozen gives free consultations via phone, email and livechat. Which means that while you’re dealing with the daunting issue of your hearing loss, hearing aid prices aren’t something else to be worried about. They also extend ongoing support while you pursue hearing solutions. As their website puts things: “Our aim is to take the uncertainty out of audiology and hearing loss by finding you the most respected providers and clinics in the Australian hearing market.”

It’s too easy to abuse our hearing these days – working with headphones, nonstop; commuting with music that’s too loud pumping from our smartphones; living in urban areas with constant noise… the list could go on forever. One way to maintain a high quality of life is to protect your ears and treat problems quickly. With Ozen’s help, you can find ways to hear better promptly.

Whether it’s finding earplugs to enjoy swimming or rock concerts and prevent damaging your hearing, dealing with the hearing loss that accompanies aging, or addressing other hearing problems, Ozen will smoothly guide you through finding the appropriate services and products.


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