When You’re Team Is Out In The Field, Here’s One CRM Tool To Manage Them All

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Way before anyone was even thinking about “work from home” or “remote teams,” there was one type of worker that knew just how tough it can be to have your workforce spread out all over the place: the franchiser. Franchises, while often owned and operated by individuals, are run under umbrella organizations that have to make sure everything is done the correct way, even when the store is miles from the home base. That means a lot of long-distance coordinating and communication.


The other group that knows all about this stuff? Anyone who handles sales out in the field for their company.


While franchises and salespeople had to rely on telephones and handwritten notes keeping track of everything back in the day, today is 2014 and we all have little computers in our pockets to help us with that stuff. Your smartphone may be full of silly games and angry birds but anyone who’s working out in the field should make sure that his includes the Outfield app.


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We’re not talking about a ball game.

Outfield is a new CRM tool that allows people to keep track of all the arms of their company, no matter where they’re physically located. With the ability to full integrate with with other popular team management tools, Outfield not only lets users track what happens out in the field in real time, it also provides a space to connect with the team and track the progress of whatever sales deal or franchise setup you’re working on.


With a mobile-first focus, Outfield has an easy to use, clean interface that makes the very not easy task of customer relationship management much, much easier. As a part of a growing field – mobile CRM apps are projected to grow 500% over the course of this year – Outfield has positioned itself to be the best fully integrated CRM tool on the market.


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What’s their story?

Like all of the best startup solutions out there, Outfield started as an in-house problem solver for a large US distribution company. After implementing Outfield across their team, the founders noticed a sizable increase in productivity and operations management. Luckily for you, they decided not to keep the product all to themselves and instead brought it to the market. Their goal is to provide the best CRM tool out there to make businesses more productive and profitable.


If you think Outfield would be a good fit for you and your company, head on over to their home page and get your own free, personalized demo.


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