How to submit? – No More Legal Fights

OurFamilyWizard.comThis online portal presents a new tool called the OurFamilyWizard. This website provides divorced parents with the tools they need in order to share their children information and schedules, in addition to keep records and make plans.

In this way they will not have to involve the legal system.

What happen if a disagreement that cannot be solved through the site does arise? The answer is very simple: you can get your family law professionals to assist you directly through the site.

The website has a records systems that is very useful. Courts in over 30 states are ordering families to use the site in contested cases. This is a proven site, that has been used over the last 8 years to dramatically limit the ‘he said/she said’ issues. In this way families will not keep returning to court unnecessarily.

If you want to use a solution that will reduce conflicts, by providing both parents all the information they need, this is the site you are looking for. Parents will be able to communicate about the interests of their children in a more effective way. This is a far better choice for families than the arena we call the family court.

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