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Work projects typically include a lot of moving parts and require contributions from many different people. Each team member may have a task that’s their top priority, but soon, other people start to add tasks to their plate. Before long, team members have multiple tasks on their to do lists from different people, are unsure of which task is actually the top priority, and nothing is getting done. Sound familiar? You could keep managing projects with spreadsheets and emails, or you could try TeamHQ.

TeamHQ is a project management system that helps you take back control of your work. By helping you organize your tasks and effectively decide what to do next, TeamHQ improves your team’s ability to rapidly adapt to changing work demands.

With TeamHQ, you can organize your work into projects, tasks and subtasks to get a clearer look at the steps you need to take to complete a project. You can also discuss your project with the team and assign tasks to different team members.

With the project broken down into clear steps, you can decide which tasks need to get done this week and which can get done at a later time. TeamHQ enables users to plan the work and evaluate the effort being put into completing the project.

Additionally, when you receive an urgent task through email, you can send it to TeamHQ and keep working. TeamHQ is designed to increase productivity, help you innovate quicker, and improve your bottom line.


  • Projects: Work can be organized into different projects, then further broken down into tasks and subtasks.
  • Boards: Boards are used to display work from different projects to help you make decisions about the work that needs to get done.
  • Sprints: Sprints allow you to organize work based on what’s most important during a specific time frame.
  • Insights: Insights provide a deeper understanding of how you and your team work. It includes information like which projects are getting the most attention and what’s falling behind.
  • Calendar: The calendar allows you to see all tasks and meeting in one place. You can export the calendar to Google, Microsoft, or iCal calendars.
  • Discussions: Conveniently keep notes and discussions about your projects in one place.

TeamHQ offers three plans: Solo, Team, and Company. The Solo plan is free and is designed for one user. It allows the user to have unlimited projects, unlimited boards, insights, and access to the help center. The Team plan costs $15 per user per month for up to 20 team members. The plan allows unlimited projects, unlimited boards, advanced insights, help center access, and email support. The Company plan costs $25 per user per month and allows an unlimited number of users. The plan also offers a multi-workspace dashboard, company-wide insights, phone and email support, and help center access.

TeamHQ is allowing users to try the team plan free for 30 days, after which point you can either use the free plan or upgrade to a paid plan to continue using the premium features.

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