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Animals benefit from therapeutic massage as much as humans do, according to, the website for Canine and Equine Structural Integration. Site operator Jim Pascucci, an Advanced Certified Rolfer, uses the webpage to inform readers of his two part teaching courses, the first one called “Myofascial Integration Phase,” in which Instructor Pascucci, in one weekend, teaches students how to recognize and relieve fascial restrictions in horses or dogs. The second course, outlined on, goes by the name of “Structural Integration Phase” and specifically targets animal caretakers with firsthand practice and experience in myofascial integration. The course lasts for five days.


Mr. Pascucci shares his unique teaching techniques and gives tips and guidance in his manual, “Equine Structural Integration Myofascial Release,“ and an educational video called “The Complete Guide to Canine Myofascial Massage/Release.” Advertising of both items for sale appears on, where the avid animal lover makes other offers available, including links to his blog and offers to readers for free videos, articles and information about myofascial release.

Mr. Pascucci earned his Rolfer certification in 1994 and, as an experienced horseman, has more than a 20 year history of equine training to go along with his years of canine handling skills that make him adept in working with sports, hunting, domestic and jumper dogs. The practice of rolfing involves the use of bodywork to rearrange fascia, or connective tissues, in a healing method similar to the massaging of the body with the hands. The technique received its name from Dr. Ida Pauline Rolf who practiced in the early 1900s and was a pioneer in the area of soft tissue manipulation.

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Author : Steve Dixon

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