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If you would like to help children that don’t have food, shelter, or access to clean drinking water and so much more then you might want to check out the website and see if it is not a great resource for you. For those that have some extra money to give it can be difficult to decide who to give your money to and what charities may be fraudulent. When people give money they often would prefer that most of it get out there and help people. At Angelita you will find out about children that really need your help.


There are children that are poor and then there are the kids that are the poorest of the poor. At you will see that young kids in the regions of Columbia and Ecuador that don’t have anything and who’s communities and governments are not able to help them. If you go on the site you will soon see that there are ways that you can help these poor children in these beautiful regions. For pennies a day you can help them to get water and food and clothing. Some of the money is even able to help with medical care and shelter and even some basic education.

Some very simple diseases that poor people are still dying of in the Indios on the Amazon River. The site explains that kids die of Malaria and that is so easy to treat and prevent. Help the poor today and check out the great Angelita site.

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