search cancel – Angel Food Ministries presumably focuses on recipes for those afflicted with diabetes. The homepage has eleven main links. The first is labeled diabetic recipes, which when clicked, leads to over a dozen links to free, specific recipes suitable for diabetics. The second link is called food supply, and takes the reader to yet more links. Each of these links will take the viewer to yet more potential pages. There are pages for Angel Food Ministries, how to find a church, Angelfood, and a Type 2 Diabetes Menu. The rest of the links go by the names food banks, monthly Angelfood menu, Volunteer, Angelfoodministries Menus, and food packaging.


Peculiarly, there is no contact information. Also, there is no real information that is the authentic property of Rather, is like its own search engine, a mere starting point for those who wish to get information on how to obtain recipes. This homepage is essentially a collection of search results that have been neatly package for anyone interested in Angel Food Ministries. It does not provide information or an explanation of what this ministry does, how it came to be, or how one can get involved.

The real information, recipes, or contact information can only be obtained through accessing the included links, which are actually sponsored listings. There is a search engine through the homepage, and a related searches link. At the very bottom of the homepage is a link that says legal terms. Notably, has a picture of a young woman smiling, but it is unclear as to how she is involved, or what this organization is actually about.

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Author : Liam Gray

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