search cancel – Spreading A Positive Message Worldwide is the online headquarters for the America Needs Fatima campaign. The group’s mission is to promote the values and beliefs of Our Lady at Fatima religious group. Under the “Who We Are” section, you can educate yourself on the goals, mission and stances on various social and religious issues. Some of the organization’s main projects inclube pro-life rallies, flier distribution, anti-blasphemy protests and a home visitation program to spread the message. and its projects are run entirely by volunteers around the world. It doesn’t matter whether you’re rich or poor or where you live, you can get involved with the organization. details several ways to get involved, and has a feature that allows you to schedule a home visit with a member of America Needs Fatima.


Under the Blog section at, you can read up on recent news headlines relevant to the group’s message. The blog also features inspriational stories about people overcoming adversity and doing the Lord’s work in their own communities. It’s a great site to visit weekly for new updates and progress. If you’d like to get involved but don’t have the time to participate hands-on, you can also help the group by making a financial contribution. Under the Donate tab at, you can contribute money by mail, over the phone or online. You can also shop the online store and make a small purchase of a book or statue to help out the cause. Your purchase will arrive in the mail in a few days.

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