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Of the many different diseases and conditions that affect human health, anemia is one of the most prevalent. is designed to provide information and education on the causes, diagnosis and treatment of anemia, providing specific descriptions and leading health care professionals to a deeper understanding of the disease.


At present, is unfinished. The section devoted to patients and caregivers is under construction with no content available. However, the part of the site dedicated to healthcare professionals is fully functional and contains a variety of facts that are helpful not only to them, but to the public at large. gives a good working definition of the condition. Anemia is diagnosed based on a decrease in the number of red blood cells in the body as determined by standard tests. It gives five different degrees of severity, ranging from 1 (mild) to 5 (death), and characterizes each grade on a scale. There are two major categories of this condition – hypoproliferative, where the body does not produce enough red cells, and hyperproliferative, where the cells are produced normally, but destroyed before they can be of use. Loss of blood from accident or disease is also a leading cause of anemia.

Doctors and others interested can find the causes, signs and symptoms of this disease, including cancer-related and those cases caused due to chronic kidney disease. Every case is different, and takes special care to differentiate between the various signs and origins of this chronic, long-lasting and potentially fatal health condition.

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Author : Liam Gray

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