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Quick Information

  • Name of Startup: OpenScore
  • Year Founded: 2022
  • Website: OpenScore
  • Type of company: Blockchain
  • HQ Location: Web3

Startup Founders:

Polaco Jovonovich

Startup one-liner:

Decentralized reputation for the freelance economy

Problem the startup solves:

As a freelancer, your reputation is critical to earn new clients and repeat jobs. You probably have one or more accounts in online marketplaces. Have you ever wondered what would happen if these marketplaces go out of business, if they get hacked, if they simply suspend your account, or if you get hacked? Your ratings would be locked and you would have nothing to show to new clients …

Additionally, if you have accounts in multiple freelance marketplaces, it’d be more convenient for potential clients to see your overall score across platforms in one place without having to go marketplace by marketplace and do the math. OpenScore allows you to take ownership of your online scores by computing and storing them on the blockchain in the form of tokens. All transactions are public and verifiable, and once the tokens are minted to your wallet, they’re yours forever and can’t be transferred. The “Task Performance” tokens, the first release from OpenScore, are tokens under the ERC20 standard and minted on the Polygon blockchain. OpenScore helps freelancers land more gigs, and clients hire the right talent.

Progress and current status:

Beta coming October 2022

What is a crazy story about the startup?:

Combining web2 + web3

What is a company the startup looks up to, and why?:

We admired Klout back in the days, how they measured and centralized social media influence

The company in four years will be…

The universal decentralized repository for online scores

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