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…I’m Sorry is a novel and interesting online solution that gives users the possibility to apologize when they think they must. There are times in our lives when things do not go the way we expect, and we end up doing or saying harmful things to friends, relatives, coworkers, etc.

This appealing online resource works as a place where you can post anonymous messages in order to give your apologies about things you should not have done, or just to come clean with different matters.

No matter if you need to send a number of messages to strangers, friends or family members, this site will give you the opportunity to do it. In case you need to recover missed connections or just a lost love, this flexible solution will give you the help you need.

If your consciousness is telling you that you should give apologies to somebody, allows you to do that. The site is totally free, and if you want to become a member you just need to choose a username and your messages will be anonymous.


…I’m Sorry is a good way to face and accept the things you got wrong. In addition to that, it is a convenient way to send positive, guiding, and supportive messages to a big number of people. In Their Own Words

“’Oops…..I’m Sorry is an interactive web site that offers people Options, Opportunities, Possibilities and Solutions (OOPS), to deal with the ‘OOPS’ that happen in life. Oops’ as we define it is anything that goes wrong or is upsetting.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This solution will catch the attention of many people wanting to clean their guilt and shame.

Some Questions About

Which languages are supported? Will other be supported eventually?

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