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Online Master of Business Administration Degree Program

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Is it just instinct, hard work and raw intelligence?

So, are all the business executives who make it big, born and not made (never once)? Like you, dear MBA aspirant, this blogger too has this rather puzzling doubt, after browsing through all those enormous websites and columns that scoff at the prospects of pursuing an MBA degree online.

They have statistics and survey reports to discourage you that even the knowledge one acquires from top MBA schools, won’t be able to take you to the ladders.

And that most toppers in the field do not have a master degree in business administration. OK guys, but when was the first time an MBA degree was awarded, to underrate its credential so much? Not before 1940, to believe history!

And shall we still think that education and training has nothing to do with business success? After all it’s only recently that onsite as well as distance learning MBA programs have gained popularity. Those in business who do not have the degree today may be the ones who took the master of business administration degree lightly in its beginning or were merely ignorant of it.

Even the hardcore opponents of distance MBA may quite well accept the fact that it certainly opens the door to the corporate world. Moreover, a student who joins an online MBA program has the rare but sweeping chance to listen to business giants from world over and to explore case-studies sourced from real-time business situations. And to think about the insight you gain in the field through an MBA admission!

If you have the conviction and attitude to make it hit, dear reader, you may not get an appropriate time than this. For, after a brief lull, the corporate world is after accomplished MBA grads. And the salary, forget the dip it underwent, has rebounded for executives with a well-rounded business background. So believe me, it is not just instinct, hard work and raw intelligence alone. It means MBA too.

Why Online Master of Business Administration Degree Program It Might Be A Killer

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